Get on Steem!

Simple Steem Account creation tool!

Looks good!
If you have a STEEM account you can easily create a new one!
Current creation fee is displayed on the account creation form. You must have at least creation fee STEEM on you creator account.
This fee will be transfered to the new account as STEEM POWER

  1. Find your active private key. One way is to go to your wallet on and look for ACTIVE in Permissions tab.
    Or open and change getonsteem to your username.
    Click on 'Login to show' to display private active key and copy it.
  2. In the account creation form provide your username and the copyied active private key.
  3. Choose your new username.
  4. Generate a new password by clicking 'Generate' button. You can also provide your own password. Remember to backup your password! There is no way to recover your pasword/account.
  5. If everyting is correct check that you've backed up your password and click 'Create'.
  6. Congratulations. Your new Steem account is now created!